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Online Trading

The Internet revolution has changed the fundamentals of our society. It shapes the way we communicate and the way we do business. It brings us closer to vital sources of information. The Internet enables us to directly interact with service-oriented computer systems tailored to our specific needs and we can serve ourselves better by making our own decisions. This shift of the business paradigm is reshaping the financial industry and transforming the way people invest.

Today, investors can use revolutionary web-based technology to trade stocks nearly anywhere, at any time. This new access to cutting-edge, real-time market information that formerly belonged only to brokers has opened up extraordinary new investment opportunities for retail investors all over the world . Sharp Securities Ltd specializes in providing to its clients an all new way to trade.

We are providing our own order management solution. With DSE online trading customer will be able to see real time data and trade to DSE system but limited to the trading period. By using our own order management system user can place order offline or anytime which will be executed after the market opens or even in the trading period.

In order to serve you better, we at Sharp Securities Ltd. continually strive to upgrade our systems and enhance the features of our products. New value-added services such as Online trading, SMS Confirmation have received rave reviews and have helped our customers make better decisions .

Online trading gives investors better access and power, thus making them more aware and in control of their financial future. With the Internet being open 24 hours a day speed and convenience are on the investor’s side. Any time day or night you can examine your account, place an order for execution when the market opens or just search for future investing ideas.